Marblehead Piece 313


Shape                    Tea Box                              






    Important Wood and Copper Tea Box made at the Handcraft Shops / Marblehead Pottery.

Made by Arthur Hennessey who was also a potter at Marblehead Pottery,

Hennessey was one of two people who started in the Handcraft Shops who continued to work in the pottery,

original price tag of $6.00 and number 591,

minor chip to corner of top.

Descended in the family of the founder of Handcraft Shops & Marblehead Pottery Dr. Herbert Hall.

Items from the Handcraft Shops (forerunner to Marblehead Pottery) are extremely rare and this piece in particlar is probably the only known piece by this potter made in the Handcraft Shop.painting, trays and other items from Dr. Hall's family.