The Devereux Mansion 1912- 1936


A Light Weight Loom

Recommended by physicians for the use of convalescents. It is especially good for weaving bags, hat-bands, etc.

The interest in hand weaving seems steadily on the increase. The desire for its beauty in our homes and the value of it in educational institutions has brought about a decided revival of this most significant craft. It has proven valuable in institutions for the deaf and dumb, and the State Hospitals for the Insane. Very elaborate and beautiful pattern weaving is being done in the Lighthouse, the School for the Blind, in New York City
, and at Devereux Mansion, Marblehead, Massachusetts. For those beginning weaving who feel themselves unable to cope with the problems of setting up a loom and putting on the warp, it may be interesting to note that excellent light-weight looms may be bought ready threaded at Devereux Mansion, Marblehead, Massachusetts.