Hannah Tutt


Miss Hannah Lucy Tutt (1860-1952) is dressed in a colonial costume in the above photo.  

She was neither a potter nor a decorator.

She is said to have occasionally served as bookkeeper for Marblehead pottery.

She was the first secretary and historian of the Marblehead Historical Society.

She never married.  

Her brother, Edward Tutt, was married to Sarah Tutt, the principal

decorator of Marbehead Pottery from 1908-1936.

This poem has been attributed to Miss Hannah Lucy Tutt:

    Many a headland and rocky steep,

    Affording a rare views of the ocean deep,

    Rough worn ways, leading up and down,

    Bringing you into the queer old town,

   Like a bit of the ancient days,

   Escaped from the touch of more modern ways,

   Houses quaint and old and brown,

    Each with a history of its own,

   And proud of its heroes, living and dead,

    Did you not know--this is Marblehead.