The Pottery Shop

1915 - 1936


        The Marblehead Potteries retail sales site was located at 111 Front Street adjacent to the 12 Goodwin’s Place site.  The above watercolor was painted around 1920 by Ida Upton Paine (1860-1936).  The painting is now in the collection of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.  The small building was to the right of the Leslie Hotel. 

        The photo to the right depicts Arthur Baggs in front of the pottery.

    The building was demolished about 1940.

This photo has been lifted from the collection of the Marblehead Historical Commission.  I must get permission to use this important photo.

It may depict a later use of the former Marblehead Pottery building at 111 Front Street as the home to the  Mass Human Society No 10 and its rescue boat mounted on a transport wagon - the second floor window matches well the above photo of Baggs - though the first floor would have had extensive alterations to allow the door to house the boat  and wagon

Humane Society - Front Street

The middle building is 111 Front Street circa 2010