Sarah Tutt


Sarah  Tutt was also  known as Mrs. Edward D. Tutt.  She was the principal decorator of pottery at Marblehead Pottery from 1908 through 1936.

Sarah W. Main was a native of Marblehead.  She was born in 1859.  Her father, Richard Main,  was a rope-maker.  Her mother’s maiden name was Eunice Whippen.  Sarah worked in a local shoe factory and then as a teacher.  In 1891 at 32 years of age she married Edward D. Tutt, a farmer who worked in 1895 and 1896 as a clerk at a seed company.

Sarah Tutt began working at Marblehead Pottery in 1908or perhaps a bit earlier.  In the 1920 census she was listed as an “Art Decorator” at a “Pottery.”  She worked at Marblehead Pottery until it closed in 1936, when she was 77 years old.  She died of a stroke 11 years later on May 26, 1947 at 87 years of age.

When pieces were designed by Arthur Hennesey they would be signed with the HT designation, arranged either vertically or horizontally on the base of the piece.  

When pieces were designed by Arthur Baggs the AB signature would be followed by a separate T.

When pieces were designed by Maude Milner and decorated by Sarah Tutt the pieces were signed with an M over a T or by a stylized M surrounding a T.

Sarah Tutt’s husband, Edward Tutt, was the brother of Hannah Tutt.